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WHO we are & WHAT we do?

PHOTOGAPHY to us - Photography can be seen as a TECHNOLOGY or as an ART. Those who see it as technology give more importance to the technique and gear to capture the story they want to tell. Those who see it as an ART give more importance to the subject and the story that they want to tell through the photographs that they take. With Technology it will be possible to create photographs that can make ones Jaws drop, but with ART it is possible to create photographs that can touch ones Soul. While both of these forms, when executed properly can create stunning photographs, we choose ART over TECHNOLOGY. Every photograph taken by us is an expression of this art form. We try our best to capture and freeze the stories of our Clients in their most pristine form which will stay fresh to be cherished by our Clients forever. We encourage and request our Clients to be in their own comfort self during the photoshoot sessions. We believe in capturing that real self which is more valuable to us and our Clients, rather than capturing made up or forced expressions and emotions. This leaves us being labelled as Candid Photographers, but we prefer to be called as Pristinographers (Photographers doing Pristine Photography). We are photographers by passion than profession.

CLIENT ENGAGEMENT - We prefer to work with clients whose expectations we understand and who understand our way of working. For that we would need to constantly interact with our clients to understand their requirements and expectations and to plan the photoshoot, especially we need to know their stories before we get in to a photoshoot. During the photoshoot we prefer not to disturb our Clients. Our Clients are left uninterrupted or even if interrupted they know exactly what to expect during the photoshoot which makes them to be in their real self and be comfortable and to be at ease which is our main objective. We also encourage our Clients to tell us, insist us or even force us to take the kind of photographs they want and to even push us to our limits, after all we are being hired by our Clients and would be glad to do so. (If you are planning to engage us, be prepared to engage yourself and to do a lot of homework and planning with us before getting in to the photoshoot, but be rest assured that you will be happy for the efforts put in when you see the results.)

Our COMMITMENT - We do not take Photography seriously, but we do it honestly. Once engaged, We take complete ownership of the project and the Clients need not remind or follow up with us from start to finish. Most importantly, we value and respect our Clients time as our own and will do our best to make the best use of the time provided to us by our Clients.

Our GEAR - We see and use our photography gear only as tools to meet our Clients expectations and are not totally dependent on it. They are tools used by us to do the job and the job is being done by us along with the subjects being photographed. We own all the photography gear that we use and do not rent them, thus making us masters of our gear and be more familiar and much comfortable with the gear that we use. This can also make Clients feel we are not using the latest and greatest gear or brand of their choice which we sincerely will agree to, but are not worried about and request our Clients as well to not worry about our gear. We have the confidence of shooting an entire wedding(with extra efforts) even using the Smarphone cameras(not that we will do. Secret_Code:XNJLIO) and come up with photographs which can meet 80-90% of our Clients expectations. If we wanted to showcase the latest and greatest gear, we can easily do so by renting them at a fraction of the cost of the project which many others(some of them take great photographs too) in the field do, but that will not make us masters of the gear. We want our Clients to know this beforehand so it does not come to them as a surprise during the photoshoot and spoil their mood or for that matter even before making an enquiry or engaging with us, to save their time and ours. Our clients are welcome to check with us or learn about our gear anytime during the engagement.

Our APPROACH - We try our best to keep things as Simple and Complete as possible in everything that we do and strongly belive that "Simple is beautifully Powerful". We do take the extra efforts required to have a complete closure on anything we do and strive for perfection.

Our BELIEF - We believe that the output of our photoshoots majorly depend upon the subject and then the Photographer, with the gear playing the part what they are made for as shown in the picture below.




#011, ATZ Splendor Apartment, Rachenahalli Road,
Bangalore - 560077,
Karnataka, India


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